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Version: 3.10.0

Comment on pull requests

With Reviewpad, you can automatically add comments to the pull request.

There are three different mechanisms to add a comment to the pull request:

  1. Using the comment action.
  2. Using the commentOnce action.
  3. Using the error, info or warn actions.

The difference between the modes is that the comment action will add a comment every time the action is executed, commentOnce will add a comment once no matter the amount of times the action is executed, while the other commenting actions are bundled together in a report comment which is also automatically updated.

Automatically comment the pull request


mode: verbose

- name: empty-description
spec: '$description() == ""'

- name: is-first-time-contributor
spec: '$pullRequestCountBy($author()) == 1'

- name: welcome-user
description: Welcome user first contribution
- rule: is-first-time-contributor
# Comment on pull request once
- '$commentOnce("Well done! This is your first contribution.")'

- name: comment-on-empty-description
description: Error on empty descriptions
- rule: empty-description
# Add error message to reviewpad report
- '$error("The description of the pull request cannot be empty.")'

- name: comment-on-pull-request
description: Example comment on pull request
- 'true'
# Add info message to reviewpad report
- '$info("Thanks for this pull request. @marcelosousa will take a look!")'
# Add warning message to reviewpad report
- '$warn("Please make sure the CI is green before merging.")'

You can see this workflow in action in the following pull request.