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Version: 3.5.0

Comment on pull requests

With Reviewpad, you can automatically add comments to the pull request.

There are three different mechanisms to add a comment to the pull request:

  1. Using the comment action.
  2. Using the commentOnce action.
  3. Using the error, info or warn actions.

The difference between the modes is that the comment action will add a comment every time the action is executed, commentOnce will add a comment once no matter the amount of times the action is executed, while the other commenting actions are bundled together in a comment which is also automatically updated.

To the use the third set of comments (i.e. error, warn and info) you need to enable the professional edition.

Automatically comment the pull request.


mode: verbose

- name: emptyDescription
spec: '$description() == ""'

- name: isFirstTimeContributor
spec: '$pullRequestCountBy($author()) == 1'

- name: welcome-user
description: Welcome user first contribution
- rule: isFirstTimeContributor
# Comment on pull request once
- '$commentOnce("Well done! This is your first contribution.")'

- name: comment-on-empty-description
description: Error on empty descriptions
- rule: emptyDescription
# Add error message to reviewpad report
- '$error("The description of the pull request cannot be empty")'

- name: comment-on-pull-request
description: Example comment on pull request
- 'true'
# Add info message to reviewpad report
- '$info("Thanks for this pull request. @marcelosousa will take a look!")'
# Add warning message to reviewpad report
- '$warn("Please make sure the CI is green before merging.")'

You can see this workflow in action the following pull request.