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Reviewpad v2.2.0 (Lisbon Edition)

New features :fire:

YAML Specification

  • ignore-errors property - Specify if the GitHub action should ignore execution errors. The default value is false which means the action will fail if an error occurs.
  • labels now have a name property - Allow readable references to labels. For instance, a label can how have spaces or emojis.

Aladino Built-ins


Improvements :rocket:

YAML Processing

  • Fix labels section processing by creating the label in the repository whenever the defined label does not exist.

Aladino Built-ins


  • assignRandomReviewer - Fetches assignees instead of collaborators. This is because GitHub API does not provide the correct list of reposittory collaborators when using GitHub Action token.
  • addLabel - Automatically creates the label if it does not exist and uses the labels section to retrieve name.
  • removeLabel - Uses the labels section to retrieve name.

New Contributors :beers:

Many thanks to our new contributors :clap: