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Reviewpad v3.1.0 (Faro Edition)

New features :fire:

Aladino Built-ins


reviewerStatus - Returns the status of a reviewer in the pull request.

hasUnaddressedReviewThreads - Verifies whether the pull request has review threads that are unaddressed.

isWaitingForReview - Verifies whether a pull request is waiting for review.

length - Returns the length of an array.


disableActions - Disables the list of Aladino actions passed as argument.

Improvements :rocket:

  • Do not re-request a review when the reviewer has already approved the review.
  • Run reviewpad on dry-run when the configuration reviewpad.yml has been updated in the pull request.
  • Added reviewpad-cli to run reviewpad commands.

Bugs :bug:

  • Do not create labels when running on dry-run