New Features in Reviewpad v0.34 🎊

Split view; highlight intraline change; expand/collapse tree; project code review list; easy copy of head branch and file paths; symbol documentation on hover; reopen code review; default unified view to added/removed files; OAuth app configuration and authentication; permanent URLs on Reviewpad; user avatar on comments; support for Bitbucket Data Center; links to Reviewpad on code host.

Features 🎉

Split view;

Introduced split view.

Enable switch between unified/split view to the whole review and by file.

Highlight intraline change;

On a line change we now highlight the code set where the change happened.

This highlight is done with a strong color.

Expand/Collapse all tree elements;

Ability to expand all or collapse all tree elements.

Project code reviews' list view similar to Review's list;

When listing all code reviews for a particular project the view is now similar to the one on "Reviews"


When a comment is outdated, e.g. the line to which the comment is applies has been modified, the comment is tagged as Outdated.

Easy copy of head branch and file paths;

Added a copy button next to the head branch and to the file paths.

When clicked the head branch or file path is copied to clipboard.

Symbol documentation on hover;

When a symbol has documentation associated to it (i.e. a preceding comment), this documentation is showed when hovering the symbol on the tree.

Reopen code review;

When a code review is closed but both branches still exist in the remote server, then the ability to reopen the code review is available.

Default unified view to added/removed files;

For added or removed files the default view is unified.


OAuth app configuration;

The connection to code hosts can now be performed through OAuth.

You will need to create the OAuth app in the code host and then add the app to Reviewpad in Manage oauth apps.

OAuth to connect to code host;

The connection to code hosts can now be performed through OAuth.

The ability to use personal access tokens is still available.

URL experience with code host;

Reviewpad urls now has a better integration with code hosts.

Instead of using ids it uses the code host url.

For instance:

User avatar in comments;

Comments now show with the avatar from the code host.

Support for Bitbucket Data Center;

Experimental support for Bitbucket Data Center is now enabled. To get started add a new code host with the information for your Bitbucket self-hosted instance and enjoy Reviewpad.

Links to Reviewpad on code hosts;

In Reviewpad Team, actions such as Create Review and Submit Review introduce a link in the comment on the code host to point to Reviewpad.

Bugs 🐛

Hide outdated comments from code on review mode;

Outdated comments are now hided from the code on review mode.

Outdated comments are only showed when review mode is off.

Enable links to line numbers outside code changes;

When a link is to a line number outside the code changes, the code is expanded until it reaches the linked line number.