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Aladino Semantics

Aladino supports five types of values: booleans, numbers, strings, arrays and a special type action.

Since the language is quite simple, it is also straightforward to perform type inference.

There are two requirements when it comes to typing:

  1. The type of the expression in a rule spec is bool. For example, the following rule is invalid:
- name: doesntTypeCheckToBool
  kind: patch
  description: Rule that does not type check to bool
  spec: "hello" # type error
  1. The type of each action to be effect. For example, the following workflow is invalid because of its actions:
  - name: invalidWorkflow
    description: Invalid workflow because of action
      - rule: rule_1
      - "hello" # type error

Since by design you cannot define functions or variables, the usefulness of the language comes down to the set of built-in variables and functions that are provided.

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