Getting Started in Your Team

This page will help you get started with a Reviewpad instance already setup for you.

Welcome to Reviewpad!

Reviewpad is a team collaboration tool for code reviews fully integrated with your code host. If you are here, it means that someone set up an instance of Reviewpad for your team that you can access in your browser at https://SERVER_URL.

Create a User Account

Open the Reviewpad instance in your browser. You should be directed to a sign-in form. To create an account click on Create an account or go to https://SERVER_URL/register:

Create an account
Create an account

Complete the form with your details. Note: at the moment, we do not have any configuration with an email server.

After you have submitted your account details, you will be re-directed to the Sign-in form and you will be able to immediately use your credentials.


Once you enter Reviewpad for the first time, you will be asked to add a Personal Access Token:

2. Connect to code host (with Personal Access Token)
2. Connect to code host (with Personal Access Token)

This is necessary so that Reviewpad can understand who you are in the code host and you can act in Reviewpad as if you were in the code host.

Check the

page to see how to create a Personal Access Token in your code host for Reviewpad.

If you are using a self-hosted code host and you don’t see it as an option in the Code Host list contact the administrator of the Reviewpad instance. If you are an administrator, check the page


Once you add a Personal Access Token, Reviewpad automatically associates your user to your code host username.

And that’s it! 🚀 You are all set to start using Reviewpad in the projects that the administrator added to the instance.

The synchronisation with the code host is done automatically by Reviewpad. For example, if the administrator adds or removes a project from the instance your view will be affected. Or if you/someone creates/comments/changes a Pull Request/Merge Request in one of the projects you will be able to see immediately in Reviewpad and also in the code host.