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Version: v4


We have designed a playground for you to play with Reviewpad and get a feel of how it works.

You will find the following major components:

  1. Use cases - These are some scenarios you can try. Each use case has a proposed Reviewpad configuration and a pull request to run the configuration against.
  2. Configuration - This is the Reviewpad configuration defined to represent the use case. You can edit and see the results by running Reviewpad against the selected pull request.
  3. Pull request - This is the pull request that Reviewpad will run against. You can edit the pull request and see the results by running Reviewpad against it.
  4. Sharable link - This action generates an unique URL that contains all the configuration details (use case, configuration and pull request) you have selected in the playground allowing you to share these with others without them having to go through the same process of configuring everything from scratch.
  5. Output - This is the output of Reviewpad when it runs against the selected pull request with the selected configuration. Please note that Reviewpad will run in dry-run mode, so it will not make any changes to the pull request.

Let's play 🦄

Reviewpad playground