Connect to GitLab

This page will help you connect your Reviewpad user to GitLab.

Reviewpad can communicate with both and GitLab Self-Hosted to retrieve and propagate information to GitLab. This means that a comment made by you in Reviewpad will automatically be propagated to GitLab and vice versa. This way you can use Reviewpad without disrupting the workflow of your team if they are not still using it.

Creating a personal access token

Reviewpad uses personal access tokens to identify your Reviewpad user to a GitLab username and perform actions via the GitLab API. You can follow the GitLab instructions on how to ↗︎create a personal access token.

If you are using, Reviewpad requires the api scope. For self-hosted versions, depending on your version you might require more scopes - we recommend that you enable the api and all read scopes.

If you want to use webhooks to automatically synchronise your repositories from GitLab you will need to have the appropriated permissions in your GitLab account.