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Version: 3.23.0


This guide explains how to complete Reviewpad migrations.

Migrate from the GitHub Action to the GitHub App


Using Reviewpad action is a great way to get started with Reviewpad. However, it has some limitations. Depending if you are using Reviewpad action with a GitHub token you won't be able to use all Reviewpad built-ins. Also, some of the Reviewpad use cases won't be possible to implement.

To overcome these limitations, you should migrate to the Reviewpad GitHub App. The migration is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps.


To install the Reviewpad GitHub App, you need to be an admin of the GitHub organization where you want to install it.

If you are not an admin, you can ask your admin to install the Reviewpad GitHub App.

Step 1. Navigate to the Reviewpad GitHub App page

Open the Reviewpad GitHub App page and click the green button Install.

Reviewpad Installation - Step 1

Step 2. Choose which repositories to install Reviewpad on

You can choose to install Reviewpad on all repositories or select specific repositories.

Once you have selected the option you want, click the green button Install.

Reviewpad Installation - Step 2


After you click the Install button you will be redirected to Reviewpad documentation. You can close it and continue with this migration.

Step 3. Configure Reviewpad


If you already have a Reviewpad configuration file, you can skip this step.

If you don't have a Reviewpad configuration file, create a file called reviewpad.yml in the root of your repository and add the following content:


color: 294b69
color: a8c3f7
color: 8a2138

- name: label-pull-request-with-size
- rule: $size() <= 30
- $addLabel("small")
- rule: $size() > 30 && $size() <= 100
- $addLabel("medium")
- rule: $size() > 100
- $addLabel("large")

Step 4. Disable Reviewpad action

Finally, disable the Reviewpad action from your repository. You can do this by removing the workflow file, that executes the Reviewpad action, from your repository.

If you followed our configuration guide, you can find the workflow file in .github > workflows > reviewpad.yml.

The workflow file should look like this. Remove it and you're done.

Reviewpad Delete Action