Manage Notifications

This page will help you managing your Reviewpad notifications.

Since v0.28, Reviewpad integrates with Slack for notifications.

As an administrator, you can manage Reviewpad's notifications. At the moment, the management of notifications is very simple: an administrator can delete and add a Slack notification through hooks.

Follow these steps or visit ↗︎ Incoming webhooks for Slack:

  • ↗︎ Create a new Slack app in the workspace where you want to integrate Reviewpad. Here's an image that fits nicely as an app icon:
  • Reviewpad_Profile.png54.8KB
  • On the features page, switch on the Activate Incoming Webhooks toggle;
  • Click Add New Webhook to Workspace;
  • Select the channel where you want to receive Reviewpad notifications and click Authorize;
  • Copy the Webhook URL that was generated and add it to the Slack configuration on Reviewpad.

This requires a Reviewpad Team deployment to set up the correct URLs in the Slack notifications. For more information visit