Manage Projects

This page will help you managing the projects available to Reviewpad.

As an administrator, you can control which projects Reviewpad has access to.

As a pre-requisite, if you’re not using or, you will need to add a new code host. For help with this visit


Assuming that your instance is running at https://SERVER_URL, you will be able to access the administrator panel for projects at https://SERVER_URL/admin/sites.

There are two types of projects that you can add:

  • Projects available to your code hosts' accounts
  • Custom projects

Add project from code host's account

From the administrator panel for projects click Add, select one or more projects, and click Import.

Here’s a short demo:

Add project from the code host
Add project from the code host

Add custom project

To add projects that aren't available on your code hosts' accounts, after you click Add on the administrator panel for projects, click Add custom and insert the project URL.

Add a custom project
Add a custom project

If you have configured your instance of Reviewpad for webhook support and you are an administrator of the project you can also check the Webhooks option for automatic synchronisation of the repositories with the code host. You can always add and remove the webhook support after adding a repository.

Note: The Project url can also be a GitHub organization (e.g. or GitLab group (e.g. to add multiple repositories at the same time.

Whenever you add a new project, we take care of mirroring the permission system that your users are not able to visualize projects that they wouldn’t have access in the code host.

Remove project

To delete, simply click 🗑 (trash-can-icon) next to the project.

Delete project
Delete project