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Manage issues in GitHub projects

Reviewpad can be used to automatically manage issues in GitHub projects.

For example, the following configuration automatically adds an issue to a column in the board of GitHub project with a particular title.

You can also use Reviewpad to automatically move issues between columns in the board of a GitHub project based on events such as closing or adding a label to the issue.

- name: manage-issues-in-projects
- issue
- rule: '$state() == "open" && !$isLinkedToProject("PROJECT-TITLE")'
- $addToProject("PROJECT-TITLE", "Todo")
- rule: $state() == "closed"
- $addToProject("PROJECT-TITLE", "Done")

Similarly, you can also use Reviewpad to manage pull requests in GitHub projects. Just add the pull_request event to the on property of the Reviewpad configuration.

The check description use case contains an example of a workflow that is applied in both issues and pull requests.