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Version: 3.23.0

Reviewer Assignment

GitHub already provides code reviewer suggestions and the ability to use CODEOWNERS to automatically assign reviewers.

However, the code reviewer suggestion is still a manual process for developers and the CODEOWNERS feature is very limited:

  1. You associate owners to files. For simple changes in those files or large files, CODEOWNERS can be extremely noisy. reviewpad.yml files allow you to specify ownership at the semantic level and also based on the nature of the changes.
  2. There can only exist a CODEOWNERS file per repository; as opposed, reviewpad.yml files will be extensible and you will be able to import central configuration files.
  3. Rules have precedence, so you need to understand the context of previous rules for a given rule. Reviewpad workflows allow you to specify when a workflow should always be considered regardless of the context.

Out of the box, Reviewpad supports three actions to assign reviewers, assignReviewer, assignTeamReviewer and assignRandomReviewer.