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Version: v3


We have designed a playground for you to play with Reviewpad and get a feel for how it works.

You will find the following major components:

  1. Use cases - These are some scenarios you can try. Each use case has a proposed Reviewpad configuration and a pull request to run the configuration against.
  2. Configuration - This is the Reviewpad configuration defined to represent the use case. You can edit and see the results by running Reviewpad against the selected pull request.
  3. Pull request - This is the pull request that Reviewpad will run against. You can edit the pull request and see the results by running Reviewpad against it.
  4. Output - This is the output of Reviewpad when it runs against the selected pull request with the selected configuration. Please note that Reviewpad will run in dry-run mode, so it will not make any changes to the pull request.

Let's play 🦄

Reviewpad playground